Multi fuel & wood burning stove installation


We’re dedicated to high quality workmanship and customer service. We are passionate about wood burning stoves.


First contact us to discuss your requirements making sure you understand the process as well as the costs involved in fitting a stove.

Wood burning stove installations usually take between one and three days. If you have a existing fireplace and it’s compatible with a stove then it could take less than a day. It will take a little longer if building work is required to prepare the fireplace as part of the job. This might include removing existing a existing fireplace, laying a new hearth, fitting lintels, rendering the insides and plastering the front.


We’re HETAS registered installers so you can be safe knowing all our installs will be done to the highest industry standards. This includes lining chimneys and recommending the highest efficiency stoves.

The fireplace is the centrepiece of your home, providing warmth, comfort, and character. It makes the house come alive!

Nowadays people are realising the benefits of solid fuel heating systems. Choosing to have a stove fitted gives you an excellent method of heating your living area. Wood is a carbon neutral fuel and is therefore a truly green fuel .A good quality stove can offer heating efficiency of up to 80% (20% of heat produced goes up the chimney 80% of heat produced heats the space you live in).

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